Awesome Features

Just Look!

  • Play Games

    Play Games Directly Without WebBrowser!

  • Chat Feature

    Integrated Chat Feature - Talk with Friends!

  • Easy to Use Interface

    You won't have any Problems at All.

  • Its Free

    I dont want any Money.

iPhone mockup
  • Made Using Visual Basic

    It's an Experiment, and Made just for Fun!

  • Themes

    I might publish the Source Code, So you will be able to make your own Themes.

  • Shop Integrated(?)

    I might integrate the Shop with it. It might take Time.

  • Help

    Need to Contact me for a Reason?

How it Works

Coming Soon (Video)

Launcher Screenshots

Screenshots of the Roblox-Launcher

Download The Launcher

Not available yet..

TB Electronics Team

Hello There.

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TB Electronics

I like to make stuff, though, i'm lazy i need to say.

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TB Electronics

Lazy, funny, helpful

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